"i don't know just where i'm going, but i'm gonna try for the kingdom, if i can, 'cause it makes me feel like i'm a man"; -- the velvet underground
  • "that pupil thing"; freeform structure poem

    You ever do that thing where you stare into the mirror right at your eyes? You stare right at your pupils, and you’ve got one hand on the light switch, and then you turn the lights off but keep staring into the darkness of where your reflection once was. And you know, you know for a fact that when you turn the lights back on, your pupils will shrink ever so slightly. Really fast. And you can do it over and over and no one knows the difference. No one cares, but you can. You can care because it doesn’t take too much of your life you know? I love those things that you can give a shit about because it doesn’t matter if you do or not. No one is gonna get offended, no one is gonna laugh, no one is gonna hate themselves, or fall in love, or dedicate that song to something, or eat their feelings because I noticed my pupils changing shape for a few milliseconds.

    No one cares that I care.

    Not even me.

    And it fucking feels so good, man.

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